PORTLAND 6-Pocket Travel Scarf

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LIMITED EDITION - This soft flannel red and black PORTLAND Travel Scarf by Banue will keep you warm and cozy through the winter! An every day scarf that goes fantastic with a pair of jeans. WARNING: MAY ENTICE STRONG, BURLY LUMBERJACKS TO OPEN DOORS FOR YOU

Dimensions: 70" x 13" / Material: Flannel

     The Banue travel scarf is a patent-pending design which features six (6) hidden pockets secured by two (2) invisible zippers that protect your: passport, credit cards, driver's license/ID, cell phone, keys, mp3 player, cash, receipts, boarding pass, sunglasses, lipstick and much more! It also uses hidden velcro strips and a point-to-point configuration to style the scarf in over 14 different looks! So you can freely...

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