How We Got Started

The Travel Scarf was first conceived while living in Barcelona, Spain. After witnessing pick pockets running off with purses, phones and other personal items left unattended, I became determined to invent a way to explore the world with peace of mind. Whether hiking to Machu Picchu or relaxing at a coffee shop in Paris, I wanted travelers to feel safe and secure while still looking fashionable.

This is why we are excited to share our patent-pending scarf that offers more than just a fashion must have--it is the beginning of a new lifestyle. We hope this innovative design will inspire you to shed your everyday worries and embark on your next adventure. Free your hands, free your life! 

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission: BANU seeks to offer innovative, stylish solutions for the adventurer in all of us.
Vision: We constantly challenge ourselves to be the very best we can in every aspect of our business so we may provide increasing value to our customers. 
Value: We shield and protect the dreamers and explorers by being boldly innovative and loyal.